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AVS en Secretarial Studies: Legal

Code :

Durée du programme : heures | mois


Description :

Legal secretaries have the knowledge and skills required to key in and format documents related to civil, administrative, criminal and corporate law, bankruptcy, and notarial deeds. More concretely, legal secretaries transcribe and format different types of standard legal documents. Depending on the employer’s sector and specialization, these documents may include contracts, leases, or proceedings from family, civil or criminal law. Legal secretaries generally answer the telephone, greet clients, and keep records of all accounts receivable and payable for each client. Photocopying and collating documents are also part of their responsibilities. When graduates of this program become commissioners of oath, which is highly recommended, they must administer oaths to clients as part of certain legal proceedings.


Quelques qualités recherchées :

  • excellent written and oral communication skills good organizational skills good interpersonal skills diplomacy tact aptitude for computers bilingualism


Établissements qui offrent la formation :

Sur l’île de Montréal en français :

    Sans objet

Sur l’île de Montréal en anglais :


Préalables :

Persons enrolling in a program of study leading to an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS) must hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in the trade or occupation corresponding to the desired program of study, or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning. OR They must already be performing the occupation or trade related to the desired program of study. There are no admission requirements for programs designed to help people start a business.


Spécialisations possibles (ASP) :

    Sans objet


Renseignement utiles :

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