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AVS en Secretarial Studies: Medical

Code :

Durée du programme : heures | mois


Description :

Medical secretaries perform daily tasks adapted to the particular needs of the health sector. They greet patients, answer questions about appointments, and update the appointment book and medical records. Medical secretaries prepare the medical records of patients, fill in any follow-up information and then re-file them. Their duties also include transcribing medical reports and dictated notes or records containing basic medical terminology. Medical secretaries also order all medications and supplies needed to keep the office running smoothly. These specialists are employed mainly in hospitals, medical clinics, CLSCs, pharmacies, dental clinics and optometrists’ offices.


Quelques qualités recherchées :

  • interest in working with the public good organizational skills ability to work long hours methodical mind, thoroughness and meticulousness ability to work in a team


Établissements qui offrent la formation :

Sur l’île de Montréal en français :

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Sur l’île de Montréal en anglais :


Préalables :

Persons enrolling in a program of study leading to an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS) must hold a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in the trade or occupation corresponding to the desired program of study, or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning. OR They must already be performing the occupation or trade related to the desired program of study. There are no admission requirements for programs designed to help people start a business.


Spécialisations possibles (ASP) :

    Sans objet


Renseignement utiles :

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